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FF08: Inspiration

October 5, 2012

This week I have been feeling super motivated and energized to work on illustrations and art projects. I’ve been drawing everyday, brainstorming, and actually getting things done! It feels great. I definitely don’t always feel this way, so I’m trying to really take advantage of the momentum and keep it going! Here are some of the things fueling my fire lately.

All the artists and crafters at the Strangle Folk Festival really got me excited last weekend, but no one as much as the darling Amy from Bunnies and Bows by Amy Rose. I love her cute, simple, feminine style and her product spread at the festival just made me think “Yes! That is what I want to be doing!”

I loved getting a glimpse at Meanz’s experience as an artist at a RAW event. They’ve starting doing RAW ensemble shows here in St. Louis and I don’t think I would’ve thought to try and contribute myself if Meanz hadn’t talked about doing it herself. Now it’s on my list for next year to try and get together a cohesive little collection to show! It’s such a fun event that embraces any and all art forms you can think of! I love that.

I love everything about Chantal’s Pony Chops blog! I love seeing her amazing painting work and the features she does on other artists. It always makes me want to go paint, too!

I’ve been trying to be more color-conscious in my work lately and make meaningful choices. It kind of dawned on me that I really respond to work that makes really noticeable warm/cool color juxtapositions, but I never really thought to do that in my own. These gorgeous pieces of concept art for Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends have been opened quite frequently from my references folder!

Everything drawn, photographed, or said by Bei Badgirl. Homegirl always inspires me to brush off haters, self-doubt, and negative influences and just do me to the fullest! I want a mural on a wall in my home with her signature motto “Just be cute and don’t worry!” Seriously my life motto.

Lattes. Nuff said.

  • *Blushes forever* Oh my goodness..Michelle. You are too kind!! I’m so honored and glad to be a source of inspiration for you! It means so much to me that you love my work because I think you’re one very talented and creative lady!

  • So much good stuff in this post!! Huge fan of Pony Chops & Bei Badgirls’ work already. =D And I love the artwork between the two, although I think I kind of missed who the artist is or what exactly they are?

    • Michelle

      Those illustrations are pre-production artwork for the animated series Foster’s House for Imaginary Friends. The actual artists aren’t always obvious… I’m sure a megafan of the show would be able to name them!