Logo Design: Made Up Dreams

April 23, 2013

Hi everyone! Today I thought I’d share a logo I recently designed for a local handmade business owner. I don’t get to do much freelance branding/identity work, so it was nice to stretch those creative muscles a bit. I especially loved working with someone who I really felt on the same style wavelength with.

I met Hannah at the Green With Indie craft show. She was super sweet and contacted me afterwards about working together to make some graphics for her blog, Facebook, Etsy, etc. Her goal is to gradually move towards a more cohesive look that she feels better represents her brand.


My first step was to make a little mood board for Hannah to look at, to nail down a color palette and make sure we’re thinking along the same lines in terms of style, mood, etc. Hannah was into it, so we moved forward and decided to make a logo and business card design first.

logo_round1This was the first round of sketches I sent her for a logo. I knew Hannah liked a hand-drawn look, so I played with some hand-drawn type and tried to reference some of the materials she uses in her jewelry.


I was a little surprised that the one she responded to the most was the one I threw in because I felt it was the most indicative of my work. I think it’s important to step back sometimes and remember why you’re the person that was hired to do the work. Working too hard to fit an aesthetic you think someone else is most into sometimes means you lose a bit of your style, which is what they might’ve wanted in the first place!

In the end, Hannah decided she really loved the simplicity of the first option, so that’s the one we went with and I made a slightly more cleaned up version.



And here is the final! I’m really pleased with it and I’m excited to continue working with Hannah and watch her brand come together even more. Go check out her shop here!

If you’re interested in working with me for any design and/or illustration work, you can always shoot me an email at creaturetype(@) and talk about it! x0

  • Oh wow, love it! It looks perfect

  • I love this peek into your design process! I always find it so interesting, as a designer working in a totally different field, how very similar the process can still be. Mood boards, colour inspiration, and sketch after sketch after sketch. Ah, girlie, you’re making me miss collaborative creation!

  • It’s exciting to see the process that goes into design, especially since so much of your work has such a cute quirky style. It inspires me to focus my creative energy a bit more!

    I’d love to see more of your design work.

    • Michelle

      Aww, thanks! I sometimes struggle with that balance of what do they want/what do I want. My design portfolio is always a balancing act!

  • It’s so cool to see your process!


  • It so clean, simple and eye catching. Love it!

  • Salvaged Strawberry

    I love all of the options you came up with. I would imagine creating a logo for someone is a bit of a challenge as it is so personal and represents that person’s passion/business and must also represent them. Nice work! :)

  • Love this post – & the final design, so awesome!

    <3 Megan

  • I love the final design – it was fun to see your process too! ^_^

  • Thank you so much babe! such a fun process!

    • Michelle

      You are so welcome! Thanks for being such a fabulous client! <3