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OOTD: Tompkins Square

April 15, 2013









Hairbow: Yippy Whippy | Denim Vest: Thrifted | Dress: F21 | Striped Shirt, Tights: Target | Flats: Old Navy | Bag: Coach | Kitten Heart Brooch: I’m Your Present

On Sunday, after a day of awesome panels at MoCCA Arts Fest, Andrew and I roamed around the East Village for a bit. We popped in vintage shops, stumbled upon a film set, and ate Japadog–let me go on record saying that Japadog is my favorite thing EVER. Japanese food + hot dogs = my personal dream team. If there was one around here, I would eat three a day. Plus the green tea ice cream on a fried bun.

This dress is one of my most favorite recent purchases and I can’t believe it’s taken so long to get it in an OOTD! It’s one of those dresses that makes me feel so great when I wear it. Cute, carefree, and fun. xo

  • I love that you are visiting all the places I hung out in High School! It’s giving me a big case of nostalgia

    • Michelle

      I didn’t know you were from NYC! Or was it a brief stint there? It doesn’t surprise me that you hung out at all the cool spots. ;)

  • Fun details to this outfit like the lined seams on the shirt and the bow in the hair.


  • Oh, the Sailor Moon pins are the cutest! It would’ve been hard to choose from so many cute brooches, pins, and patches, but Sailor Moon made it easy.
    It really is great to feel comfortable and happy in what you wear.

    • Michelle

      Aren’t they great?! I have some new patches and badges from my NYC trip to add to my vest, too. I want a sugary sweet theme one for sure!

  • Aaah! This is so my neck of the woods when I go to the city. My favorite dive bar, Doc Holladays, is right around there. Did you see the Joe Strummer memorial?

    • Michelle

      Awww, no, I didn’t! We were just wandering through that afternoon. I feel like I never hang around NYC long enough to really get to know the neighborhoods like I’d like to. Hopefully I have many more trips to keep trying, though!

  • Dude, that vest is killer. And by killer I mean likely-to-assault-you-with-fluffy-pillows-and-maybe-kittens. It’s the fluffiest kind of fierce.


    • Michelle

      Yes, that’s what I’m going for! Haha, I love the juxtaposition of tough-guy accessories with girly, saccharine details and embellishments. :)

  • You look adorable with all your pins and patches!


  • Kaelah Bee

    I spent so much time here when I lived a few blocks away. Ah, I can’t wait to get back one day! Also- um obsessed with your bag. If you ever wanna get rid of it, ahem, let a girl know! ;P

    • Michelle

      Ahh, thank you! It’s my crowning glory outlet mall treasure find. I love it. :)

  • I’ve been lurking your blog and I’m so in love with it *_*. I love your style and your book of cats!

    • Michelle

      Aww, thank you, doll! Very nice of you to say! <3 You and your blog are SO CUTE so I'm flattered!

  • i love your vest! and i also love that you live in st. louis, my best friend lives there and i love that city!

    lindsey louise


    • Michelle

      Hi Lindsey Louise! I love your blog–I always love seeing your photos around KC! I have two very good friends there, too. Maybe we’ll meet one day! :)

  • Great outfit! I love the patches on your vest ^_^