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July 4, 2013

July 16, 2013







Today I wanted to share this little video with you guys! I really want to experiment more with video editing on Photoshop and learn more about my camera, so I tried hard to stop and capture little moments on our 4th of July weekend trip to Sammie’s family’s farm house. It was a really lovely, low-key weekend of comfort food, games, lounging, and playing with dangerous explosives. ;)

The video is hardly an artistic triumph, but it’s a fun momento and I’m proud of myself for taking enough footage to even get it made! It was really fun to edit. I can’t wait to make more! xo

  • Aw what a fun little video! I need to get back into editing, I used to love doing it when I was in school. You guys had so many sparklers!

    • Michelle

      Hehehe, we taped all the sparklers together and made a sparkler bomb! 8)

  • Sammie

    Ahhh Michelle!! This turned out so cute :) I really feel like you captured the feeling of our weekend perfectly!!! I love how you put this together <3

  • This is really cool! I’ve been wanting to try some video editing myself, but I didn’t know what software to use. You said you did this in photoshop? I hadn’t even considered using it!


    • Michelle

      Video editing is a new feature for Photoshop CS6! So if you have that version, so should definitely try! I think it’s easy and it’s so nice to already be so familiar with Photoshop’s features–they translate really well to video!

      • Thanks dude, I have that version, I’m def going to try it!


  • Vicky

    Where is your bf in these? He’s so cute!!!

    • Michelle