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OOTD: The Wolf Shirt

August 29, 2013







Scarf, T-Shirt: Thrifted | Jeans: F21 | Heels: Target

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present my latest favorite thing. THE WOLF SHIRT.

The Wolf Shirt was discovered by Alex one day while she, Sammie, and I were thrift shopping. We were all very happy for her, but she decided it was too gigantic and weird shaped and that she would probably never wear it. Naturally, I snatched it up immediately, never one to agree with practical reasoning. I knew I couldn’t let this magnificent article of clothing go and vowed to make it work.

It sat in my “to mend” pile for way too long. I had visions of cropping the sleeves and taking it in on the sides–The Shirt is a 3XL and about twice as wide as it is long. A week or two ago in a fit of frustration with my pile of dirty laundry that I was too tired and lazy to sort through, I just cut off the sleeves completely and called it a day. I needed The Wolf Shirt NOW. Turns out that it hangs just perfectly, is the most comfortable thing ever, and looks great–in my opinion. It feels like a billowy tunic now and it’s the. Best. Ever.

At some point last week, Andrew turned to me in bed and said “Will you do me a favor? Please don’t wear that again without washing it first.” Oh, is it gross to wear and sleep in a shirt for like three days straight? Whatever.

Ugh, I’m so disappointed in myself for missing another Big Book of Cats update yesterday. I promise it’s only because things have been so busy. I’ve had one in progress for over a week. Once things quiet down at my day job after this week, I should be able to manage my bizness I bit better. :( I just get home at night and feel so tired. I want to crash ASAP every day. I’m so looking forward to the three day weekend! Perfect timing. xo

  • alex

    Whatever you totally can rock this and I am so pleased to see it going to use rather than me awkwardly longing over it in my closet. MY WOLF SHIRT DAY WILL COME. that said I think the coloring and shape are super fitting for you and I support wearing this 24/7

    • Michelle

      Ugh, it would’ve looked amazing on you, too! But I’m grateful for the hand-me-down. 8)

  • Ah love the shirt! I love big shirts :)

    • Michelle

      They really are the best! This one makes me want to hunt down more!

  • THAT SHIRT!!! Oh my goodness what an amazing find! And I think you are right it looks amazing with just the sleeves cut off. Seriously I love your style. Hope you get some rest soon!

    • Michelle

      Aww, thanks, Amanda! Haha, I feel like I complain too much about being busy, but I crave my lazy time so much that I just can’t help but vent when I don’t get it! I’m looking forward to a restful long weekend. :)

  • Sammie

    So happy to see this she-wolf come out of the closet! Perfect job and its so cute

    I think with the seasons getting ready to change a good thrifting day is in store for us!

    • Michelle

      YES! Let’s go super soon!

  • I’m so jealous forever of this shirt!!!

  • We share an affinity for wolf tees.. I have about 5. Love love love this outfit, super cute site too! (also side note, I think we might be neighbors, I recognize that south city style house, I just bought one too! Congrats!)

    Emily @ fox + gypsy

    • Michelle

      Thank you, Emily! I saw you at the Resale Shop, right? I thought it was you and I’ve wanted to meet you, but we were really strapped for time that day, so I didn’t want to start chatting and then dash! Love your blog and style! :)

      The house looks so south city, doesn’t it?! People keep guessing it’s in Holly Hills, but it’s actually in U City! Right by Heman Park

  • Kim

    I like how you styled this shirt to make it girly and fun cute headband and shoes :)

  • nice outfit :)
    please visit my blog and give a comment :)

    x Natasha x

  • I’m so sa that t-shirt is thrifted, I want to buy it. I love the shoes too

  • YES TO THIS WHOLE OUTFIT! That shirt is so rad and you look so pretty with your hair up like that. :)

  • These photos are so awesome! Love everything about this outfit :)

    <3 Megan