Vampires Don’t Sunbathe.

August 5, 2013


Hehe, these cuties have been hanging out in my sketchbook for ages. I finally had a spare moment with enough energy to bring them to life. They’re obviously a bit inspired by the Bailey School Kids book series titles. I’d like to do a little series of them. We’ll see. :) xo

  • I love this soooo much omg <3

  • LOVE this. Maybe my favourite piece of yours. And that’s saying something! What with your cat ladies and family portraits! :)

    • Michelle

      It’s one of my favorites in recent memory, too! Thanks, Lauren! :) <3

  • I love it!

  • The Bailey School Kids are my shittttttt
    Love these babes.


    • Michelle

      Man, when Scholastic book order form time came around in grade school, I was all over them!

  • what babes! <3

  • I would love to see a series of these characters. :3
    So cute!

    • Michelle

      Hehe, I’d like to make a few more with cute lady-monsters! Thanks, Cait! <3

      P.S. I came across you and your blog recently(on BeauCoo, I think?) and I think you are so so gorgeous and fun! I'm excited to see you commenting here! :)

  • I would … hurt someone for a print of this! Two years ago my dr told me that I had a basal cell carcinoma on my face (don’t google it! It’s skin cancer lite basically). I had it treated and since then I’ve been like a vampire when it comes to the sun.

    These guys are basically me.

  • Y

    I love this and it makes me think of myself. I love the heat, hate tanning! :)

    Y | XO

  • This is seriously phenomenal! I love it!

  • These are fabulous!

  • These girls are so cool! Love them!

  • I laughed so much when I saw this one. I feel like one of them. So cute.