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OOTD: STLFW Blogger Lounge Night

April 11, 2014


Happy Friday, everyone! Honestly this week flew by super fast for whatever reason, but I’m still ready for Margarita Saturday tomorrow. Aw yeah. \o/

We’re gearing up for Spring 2014 St. Louis Fashion Week around these parts and I’m excited to get to check out all the shows this time! Last fall, Fashion Week aligned with buying a new house, my cousin’s wedding, and Strange Folk Festival (aahhhhh!), so needless to say, I only had time for one event. It was a doozy, though! If you’re local and interested in joining me in the fun, you can use the code “CT20” to get 20% off your tickets!

For all non-locals, I’ll try to keep my coverage as short, sweet, and relevant to your interests as possible. :)

To kick-off the festivities, last night was a VIP Bloggers Lounge event at Scape. It was really fun to catch up with all my lovely local ladies, sip some Moscato, and chat with exciting local brands and shops. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to get all dolled up on a weeknight?




Karen Walker Shirt: Thrifted | Skirt, Necklace: H&M | Shoes: Target | Ice Cream Brooch: Sweet and Lovely

Haha, I usually draw the line at outfit photos that are obviously taken in a backyard–especially for a fancy outfit that doesn’t match the surroundings at all–but I was in a hurry between work and the event and wanted to make sure I got decent photos! I have an awful habit where I get super fly to go out, but I’m so excited to go out and have fun, I forget to get photos of the outfit when I actually look my best! I guess that’s not really much of a problem since I prioritize living my life, but you know. ;)

The weather was insanely gorgeous yesterday and I decided to ditch my tights! Here’s a fun fact: that bruise on my knee is from last weekend when I got so excited to dance to Beyonce’s “Grown Woman”, I slipped on a spilled drink on the dance floor and fell. Always a class act, that Michelle Volansky. No regrets!




The team at Shirt Kong were so nice and talented! JoAnn–the woman with the perfect pastel pink hair in the photo above–painted that beautiful sign herself! I love small businesses that are passionate about helping out other little guys.


These metallic oxfords stole the show at the Bronx-Diba table. Also the clasp on that bag totally looks like a cat head! Definitely a bonus.


Just Liv bows at the Blue Bird Apparel table. Two of my faves!


Glik’s surprised all of us with a really beautiful, on-trend collection of clothes and accessories!


BelleStyle makes beautiful jewelry right here in STL. Their table looked gorgeous!


How incredible is this swimsuit?! I kept wandering back over to the Triflare booth to admire it up close. They make the most colorful, fun athletic wear for women that I’ve ever seen!


Always a good time with DJ TrashTalk spinning tunes!


Jessie and I were hot pink/polka dot twins! Haha. :)

Thank you to ALIVE Magazine, Scape, and all the great local businesses involved in making an awesome evening! I had tons of fun and feel so happy to be getting to know so many other STL bloggers. We’re a small but mighty group of beautiful, diverse, spunky gals and I’m proud to be counted among them. :)

  • Love the whole look! Especially the shoes.

    • Michelle | CreatureType.com

      Thank you, Jennifer! <3 I wanted to incorporate as many neon colors as I could!

  • Midge Blitz

    That slipping on the drink when Beyonce came on convinces me that we would get along really well, haha. I can’t tell you how many times similar things have happened to me!

    • Michelle | CreatureType.com

      Hahaha, oh Midge, I would love nothing more than to go drinking and dancing to Beyonce with you. :)

      It was a pretty good night. I wore this billowy, white lace dress and my floral crown and a cute girl with braces got a little too excited to tell me I looked like “a fairy princess or bride” and doused me–and about 3 square feet of the dance floor–in rum and pineapple juice. All caution goes out the window when “Grown Woman”plays. My ultimate jam of jams!

  • I spot so many things I need in this post… Starting by your skirt! ♥ It should be great to have a blogger group to hang out :) x

    Lottie | Little Once Upon a Time

    • Michelle | CreatureType.com

      Isn’t the skirt fun?! It’s made of a nice, thick material and is so bouncy and fun to twirl in. It was only like $18 at H&M which really shocked me–it feels much more expensive!

  • Cute skirt! Moscatos, margaritas? Sounds like fashion week and I would get along for several reasons!

    • Michelle | CreatureType.com

      Haha Skinny Girl and Pinnacle Vodka are sponsors and I take full advantage. ;)

  • Gorgeous outfit!!
    I’m in love with it!
    I’m also in love with those scale shoes. c:


  • Michelle, you look fabulous! Love the flirty skirt mixed with polka dots!! I’m so bummed that I missed this event. I had RSVP’ed, but things are so busy at work right now that I doubt I’m going to make it to any of the events this spring. :-(

    Drink a moscato for me! ;-)

    • Michelle | CreatureType.com

      Aww, we missed you, Cassie! I totally understand though–that’s how I was with Fall Fashion Week! I’ll definitely drink several moscatos in your honor. ;)

  • You look great! I adore the shoes and I really, really want a shirt like yours! I am so bad at remembering to take photo before I go out – and during! I’ll just have to make do with memories! ^___^

    • Michelle | CreatureType.com

      Thanks, Lisa! <3 I think we both make the smart choice to err on the side of enjoying ourselves in the moment rather than over-documenting it. :)

  • gosh don’t you look cute. Love the skirt!

  • It sounds like a really great time and as always you are looking absolutely adorable! I’m so in love with you hair!

    • Michelle | CreatureType.com

      Thank you, Amanda! <3 I've been fighting the urge to chop off most of hair recently… I think it's just time for a cut, no matter what I end up doing to it!

  • Beautiful outfit! I have just drooled all over my keyboard thanks to those metallic oxfords. YES PLEASE.

    Kirsten | kirstenlearns.com

    • Michelle | CreatureType.com

      Right?! They were so shiny and beautiful IRL! They definitely stood out as their most unique shoe. :)

  • Oh wow! I love this outfit! Those shoes, too! =@w@=

  • THAT SKIRT! I am in love <3