Spring 2014.

April 30, 2014


Hello, dolls! I hope you’re all doing well on this April finale day. :) I don’t often write wordy, life-centric posts–mostly because I’m not much of a wordsmith and I doubt it would be very interesting, but I thought a little catch-up would be nice. I try to remind myself that my favorite posts from other bloggers are often personal ones where I get to know them better, so although I might not personally think my day-to-day is very thrilling, I don’t want to seem aloof and distant either.

Life is good lately, y’all. After that awful, never-ending winter, I’m really trying to make a conscious effort to stop and smell the roses–literally–and appreciate every second of springtime. I’m trying to teach myself to be a gardener this year. Now that we’re homeowners with a lovely little yard, I want to make sure I take good care of it and continue planting some green, leafy goodness. I’m trying to grow sunflowers to line up along our back fence. Everyday I glance nervously at the pots in our sunroom, hoping to see some successful seedlings. I’m thinking about getting a butterfly bush or two for the backyard, too. Wish me luck!


Besides digging in the dirt, I’ve been going on walks and riding my bike as often as possible. I’m so so happy to be living in a neighborhood where I can really enjoy those kinds of things. I wanted to love downtown living, but St. Louis’s downtown can be a bit of a ghost town. Our new ‘hood still feels urban and close to the action, but cozy and just far enough off the beaten path. I love it. :)


April 27 was my 27th birthday(!!!!) so last weekend was full of celebrations. One of my biggest insecurities is worrying that secretly no one really likes me very much, so planning birthday celebrations for myself always makes me nervous. I don’t want tons of attention or a big blow-out or anything, but I’m always afraid I’ll end up sad and alone on my birthday. Haha, it’s very silly because I have such wonderful friends and family who always pull through. :)

Friday was full of fashion week fun and on Saturday I had a night out with some of my favorite ladies! Sammie and I started the night with a stroll to our neighborhood Mexican restaurant for margs and tacos(Yes, we have a neighborhood Mexican restaurant within walking distance. If you live in the midwest, you know how rare and fantastic that is!) We met some other friends in The Grove for delicious, tropical drinks at STL’s new(ish) tiki bar, then went to Attitudes for more drinking and dancing! As a side note–I didn’t start drinking OR dancing until I was around 23 years old and I’m so happy that I’ve learned to let go and enjoy myself more! I was never morally against either of those things, just terrified to show that much vulnerably in public or even with my close friends. I’m sure it sounds silly to a lot of people who partied hard when they were much younger, but it really makes me proud of myself that I can be more confident and comfortable with myself now and just have so much FUN.


On my actual birthday, Andrew and I slept in, got brunch at one of my favorite places, and went to the zoo. The STL Zoo is free, so it really feels like a beautiful park that just has the bonus of awesome animals everywhere. It’s one of my very favorite places, so walking around in 70 degree weather with a big ice cream cone was heaven! When we got back home, Andrew surprised me with Frozen and pizza! Best day ever, right?! I hadn’t seen Frozen yet–I know, who the heckΒ even am I?–but we really enjoyed it! I love Idina Menzel and angsty, bad-ass fictional ladies, so I adored Elsa. I just wish she had more screen time!


I’m selling at craft shows for the next two weekends and then we head off to Chicago for Acen! I’m beyond thrilled and so ready for the escape! I know my friends are, too, so it will be a truly epic party weekend. ;)

If you’re local, please come visit me at Urban Chestnut this Sunday or next Saturday at Spring Fling! If you’re a vintage enthusiast, you really can’t miss Spring Fling! xo


  • Happy belated birthday!!! I love this post, it’s always nice to see what’s going in blogger’s lives!

    • Michelle |

      Thanks, Jessie! :) I agree!

  • Lovely! I’ve only just found your blog, so this was a really nice intro as to what you’re about. I totally dig your personal style, and your illustrations are so SQUEE! <3 xx

    • Michelle |

      Aww, thanks, Kobi Jae! So glad to have you reading! :) <3

  • Nina

    Totally love the fabric on the vintage chair. And very happy belated birthday :-)

    • Michelle |

      Isn’t it beautiful?! It was a recent craigslist find. Probably my best ever! :)

  • stoked that things are going so well for you! i love hearing a bit more personal stuff from you even though i already follow you on every platform possible and still. can’t. get. enough.

    good luck with the markets! i’m doing my first one next month so if you wanna, i don’t know– skype and chat about life and handmade things and dancing and eggs or what ever then let me know ;)

    • Michelle |

      I’m so excited for your first market! I hope you blog all about it! My dream is now that our paths align and we both vend at a Porter Flea one day. Sigghhh <3

      I would LOVE chatting with you, doll! I'll try and remember to actually log onto skype next time I'm hanging out at the computer! Haha.

      • yeah- you know you’re only like for hours away so i’ve totally daydreamed about scoring a sweet st louis market with you!

        i’ll have to find my skype/ichat/whatever login so we can make this happen! my life is about to just be me hiding away under a pile of paper for the next 50 days but i will eventually see people and have things to blog about again haha. <3

        • Ugh, I want to come to Nashville so badly this summer, but it’s really hard for me to clear a whole weekend. :/ I’m determined to make it happen ASAP though! If you’re ever interested in an STL show, let me know and I can recommend some good ones and put in a good word with the organizers!

  • I wish I could grow some stuff, but I live in an apartment. I’d love to do strawberries and green beans. What’s the name of the tiki bar?
    I’m debating on going to the Pop-Up shop..

    • Michelle |

      The tiki bar is Ta’haa and it’s in the Grove!

      You should totally stop by the UCBC Pop-Up! So many great vendors and UCBC is an amazing venue! Make sure you come say hi if you do! :)

  • Hopefully at 23 I can say the same thing about letting go.
    Sounds like you enjoyed your birthday!! Happy belated birthday!!
    I’d love to also get gardening, I just can’t stand bugs. >.<