Product Review: Punchdrunk Panda

June 23, 2014



Happy Monday, everyone! Today I’m sharing my experience with Punchdrunk Panda, a brand of accessories focusing on great design and strong artist collaborations. Tomorrow I’ll be hosting a giveaway with them so make sure to check back!

Punchdrunk Panda describes themselves as a team of Filipinos that funkify the world with passionate, like-minded people by creating functional graphic-designed products and happiness-inducing events. Sounds like a pretty fun group, right? I’m always attracted to brands that openly collaborate with designers and illustrators. I love that they have a section on their site where you can meet their artists. Clearly they form healthy relationships and treat their collaborators well!



Punchdrunk Panda offers a great little collection of accessories including camera straps and iPhone and iPad cases, but for my review, I chose the slick looking headphones. I got the Colorful City Headphones, designed by Dan Fajardo. Earbuds can be convenient, but I never find them very comfortable and always prefer this style when I’m working at my computer. Besides the comfort factor, they help me block out everything else and really get focused on my work.

I’m really pleased with my experience with these guys so far! The padding on the ears fit perfectly around my whole ear and each piece adjusts really well to fit my head. The padding underneath the headband is a nice touch! The cord is detachable which is another nice detail. The quality of the artwork seems great too–bright colors and a clean wrap design.

I must admit that I usually expect the worst from the quality of electronics that focus on design. Form over function is unfortunately a constant battle. I’m totally satisfied with the sound quality on these! I’m no audiophile, but my music sounds rich and full and my podcasts sound perfect. Definitely an improvement on my usually cheap pairs of headphones. Plus, Punchdrunk Panda offers a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year replacement warranty.



I also have to note how amazing the customer service was! My communications with co-founder Gail have been so friendly, easy, and quick. I got shipping notifications after making my order and received my headphones packaged super safely and they were delivered surprisingly fast. All around it was a fabulous experience and I recommend checking out their goods. I especially love the Sea Camera Strap and would’ve definitely ordered some headphones with that design if they were available!

Disclaimer: I was given free product in exchange for a review. All opinions honestly reflect my experience with the brand and product. 

  • They look so rad. I love the design. Sounds like a great company.