Drawn: Girl Gang

November 10, 2014


I’m sure the whole girl gang thing is quickly approaching “played out” status, but I still can’t seem to get enough. I love the idea of rowdy broads proudly banding together to have fun, cause mischief, and not give 2 fucks what any dude thinks. That’s what it means most to me.

This drawing I made a couple years ago continues to be popular and I wanted to make a kind of valentine card version of it. :)


You can buy one on Etsy here! xo

  • I love this! Your stuff is always so cute :)

  • This is beyond AMAZING! Oh my word I am so in love!

  • B.

    I love this design, love it!

  • I love this so much! Absolutely amazing xo

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • *heart eyes* :D

  • Kerry

    Love the sentiment & the design!

  • This design is amazing! I will never get over the whole girl gang thing.

  • So awesome! I don’t think I’m cool enough to be in a girl gang, but I sure would like to be! ^___^

  • Too adorable! I don’t think girl gangs will (should) ever be “played out”! :D

  • Harper Yi

    I am so about girl gangs. If girl gangs become played out, I will refuse to let it die and look like an old loser clinging to the glory days.

  • Melissa

    Oh I love this! So adorable.


  • Adore this!! Would make such a sweet tattoo too. ;) x