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January 26, 2015



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Lately I find myself seeking out interior design blogs more often than fashion blogs. We bought our house last fall and while I’m constantly hunting Craigslist and discount decor spots, moving stuff around from room to room, I’m still always feeling impatient and frustrated that our home isn’t as cute and stylish as I want it to be. It’s a constant work in progress, especially when you’re trying to take your time and collect things meaningfully and inexpensively.


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The biggest thorn in my side is our computer room. Andrew and I share the space and I try to store my craft show supplies there, too. It’s a tricky room to deal with because there’s either a door, closet, or window on each wall and we each have quirky working requests–not wanting to face a wall, being able to enjoy the window, enjoying working next to each other rather than back-to-back… Our furniture is clunky and impractical, there are boxes everywhere, cords dangerously underfoot… it’s a mess and honestly effects my productivity. Things need to change!


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My first big goal for the computer room is to change one of the closets into a little workspace. I’d love to have a desktop with storage underneath (possibly on wheels), pegboard against the back wall and maybe little shelves. This would be perfect for all my craft stuff! During peak times before craft shows I could open it up and work in there with all my jewelry making bits, papers, tapes, paints, etc. When I need to just concentrate at my desk with illustration or design work, I could close it up and keep things minimal in the room.


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I wanted to collect some of my inspirational images in one place and just kind of talk it out. Our biggest decorating issue in this house is that every single room has plaster walls, making it difficult and scary (Mostly scary. Gouging holes into my precious, 85 year old home’s walls?! Aahhhh). I figure tackling a closet is the best way to practice hanging things on plaster. If I fail miserably, at least it’s kind of hidden, right?


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I’ve always hoped to include interior design on this blog, but the fact that my house just never seems cute enough always stops me! I’d like to shoot some photos and just kind of update our progress room by room. It’s fun to see spaces evolve over time–I always enjoy seeing others’! I’m no DIY wiz, so I don’t want to do tutorials or anything, but just documenting it and sharing any helpful links along the way would be fun! Wish me luck. Haha. :)


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Also, if you guys have tried and true methods, tips, etc for hanging things on plaster walls, please share! :) xo

  • Sharing photos of my space is something I’ve wanted to do for a while too…but my place is always a mess. I love seeing the way other people decorate and organize-it always inspires me to make big plans for my space-but they somehow never happen. Good luck with your walls-and starting with the closet sounds like a great idea :)

    • Haha, I’m the same! I really do feel a lot of pride for our house, so I enjoy cleaning it and want it to look fabulous! Maybe holding myself accountable on the internet will help? Haha.

  • Kay

    A closet work space sounds wonderful! I like that it’s tucked in – just makes it feel extra cozy while you work, without being cut off.

    • I agree! I don’t think it would be ideal for my art/design computer, but it’s PERFECT for a craft space!

  • The computer/craft area is a tough one. I had mine downstairs first, then Tal asked why I didn’t just move it up to the living room (which we hadn’t figured out what to do with yet). So we moved it up there. Then I ended up switching out the family room & living rooms, so now the craft/comp/work area is in the “family room”. And then I rearranged it again… and we’re finally happy with it all! But yeah, it can be a real pain.

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark