Illustration for BUST Magazine

June 1, 2015



I’ve been trying to do more editorial illustration this year and have been sending out some good ol’ promo emails to art directors for the first time since college (yikes). I stifled a joyful squeal when I heard back from BUST Magazine, one of my all-time favorites. It was a really encouraging reminder that if you want something, you need to put yourself out there! I always kind of thought those promo emails go straight in the trash, but go figure. Ask and ye shall receive? Haha, that’ s bit too blindly optimistic for my taste, but I’ll take it. ;)


The assignment is a fun little piece about making your own video games. It gets specific about finding the right resources and collaborating with others to fill in any blank spaces in your personal knowledge/skill set, which I thought was great.

I sent three sketches. The first is from the point of view inside the game. The space looks half-finished and a girl reaches through the screen to give tools to her protagonist. The second and third both focus on the idea of collaboration between women, laying out their ideas as maps, blueprints, and pop-up windows.


My art director, Lauren, chose the first sketch. This kind of excited and frightened me because this was the one that pushed me furthest from my comfort zone. I should be challenging myself more often, so that was a good thing. I struggled to figure out the right colors and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. My favorite detail is the rogue pixels. :)

This assignment had a quick turnaround, basically over the weekend of Anime STL (!!!). I brought my Surface Pro and worked at my table and rushed home on Sunday night to finish up. Juggling a successful show and finishing an illustration for a client I love felt super empowering. Just another reminder that I should keep working hard and push to finish more things!

  • This is so awesome!!! Congrats to you, lady! And I love that Laverne Cox was on the cover, too!

    xox Sammi

    • Ack, I totally forgot to mention that! YES I was extra excited when I heard the issue had Laverne on the cover! I love her so much. :) Thanks, Sammi! <3

  • Congrats! That’s so exciting! :D

  • Daneisha

    So cool! I ran to the bookstore Friday, just so I could see this. So exciting for you! Thanks for sharing the process. It’s good to know that things sometimes turn out well when you take a chance! Your story is definitely encouraging. Keep being awesome!

    • Daneisha you are seriously the sweetest. Thank you so much for all your kind comments! <3 You keep being awesome, too!!! I love seeing your work on instagram. xo

  • Midge Blitz

    GET IT, GIRL! This is so awesome.

  • I love Bust, my favorite magazine subscription by far! Congrats!

  • Bust is my favorite! Congrats :)

  • I have never read Bust. It looks awesome and even more awesome because your work is in it. Congratulations. I am def picking up this copy.

  • That is amazing! I love BUST! You go, girl! The illustration looks amazing!

  • Staci

    WOW!! This is so great! Congrats on making it happen!

  • This looks so amazing!

  • Congratulations! What an awesome concept, I really love that you share the process of your projects :)