Cotton Candy for Halloween

October 29, 2015






Based on my love of crafting and costumey day wear, you’d think Halloween would be my jam, but I’m really not very good at costumes. I feel like I never have any good ideas I’m really excited about. I’ve been a witch and a cat more times than I’d like to admit, so I’m quite proud of my little ensemble this year!

I only used supplies I already had around the house: paper, cotton fluff filling, and pink spray paint. You can just throw the accessoriesΒ on with a white or pink outfit and voila! Cotton candy cutie.

What are you guys doing for Halloween this year? I had my parties last weekend so I’m hoping to chill with friends and give out some candy to trick-or-treaters on Saturday.

  • Harper Yi

    Um, this is amazing and adorable. You should be super proud! This is a totally cute/amazing costume!!

    — harper

  • How cute! Very creative. :) I’m not dressing up this year and I’m sad about it. I’m going to a Star Wars marathon sleepover instead, haha. I guess that’ll be fun, too!

  • Libby Parker

    THIS is pretty brilliant.

  • Erika_K_M

    I LOVE this!!!!

  • Adorable!

  • This is such a sweet costume! (ha ha!)

  • You are too adorable and I love how original your costume is. I wish Halloween was celebrated more in Australia. I want to go trick or treating and carve pumpkins.