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A Portrait for Andrea

I have a pretty portrait commission to share with you guys today! :)

Andrea is a talented, beautiful hairstylist from Seattle–you can check out her work and learn more about her here! She’s ordered a few things from my Etsy shop and recently asked if I’d make a portrait illustration for her to use on business cards and other self promo.


Andrea is fabulous to work with and knew pretty specifically what she was looking for. “I would want my face with maybe like flowers around it and incorporate scissors, combs, blow dryer, etc into it because I’m a hairdresser… Silly thing, but I love cats so i wanted to incorporate that somehow. I was thinking like a cat ear headband?”

For the two sketches, I interpreted her requests pretty literally. She also mentioned loving a pastel color palette, so I stuck to the same colors for each. The first features more realistically rendered flowers while the second has a more stylized oval frame of cartoony flowers. She liked the pink background on the second sketch and that the hair accessories were more subtle. We both loved the idea of the pearl cat ears and I thought a leopard print top would be another cute reference to being a cat lover. :)


I had so much fun working on this one! Andrea was really fun to draw and our interests and tastes are so similar, it felt like something I would draw myself just for fun! I’m really pleased with the way this one turned out. xo

New In The Shop: Greeting Cards




Hello, friends! I know things have been pretty quiet around here, but I’m excited for that to change now that I have more daylight to take photos and more energy to write! Breaking news: winter is soul-crushing.

Anyway, I debuted these new greeting cards last weekend at Green With Indie! They’re A4 size (approx. 5.5×4.25″), come packaged in a protective plastic sleeve with an envelope, and are blank inside–perfect for writing whatever message your heart desires. :) They’re all now available in my Etsy shop. My favorite is the Beyonce one because duh!

Drawn: Into The Woods


98% of the time when I start drawing, my go-to subject is a cute girl–duh–but lately I’ve been itching to create some spaces and environments and have been doodling places. I’ve been collecting some photos of inspirational places and just interpreting them pretty literally for practice.


I came across this photo on tumblr (original source) ages ago. I’m always drawn to images with strong, contrasting warm/cool color palettes. I liked the idea of challenging myself to simplify a space with such complicated details.


This is the sketch I started with on paper. I knew if I didn’t try to block out some of the shadowy shapes, I’d get a little lost when coloring, so I tried to map it out beforehand. I’m really happy with the final result. I often don’t finish pieces I start just to try and learn a technique or build confidence  rendering something specific, but I think my little forest turned out nicely. Definitely a fun exercise. :)

Etsy Shop Update








I finally made time yesterday to update my Etsy shop for the first time in ages. You can purchase one of my HHH posters, all sorts of hand-painted brooches (although both pizza ones are purchased already! Yikes! Thanks, guys!! <3), the usual candy heart rings, and the candy heart earrings are finally available! They’re super cute and tiny and kinda make me wish my ears weren’t gauged. Haha. xo

Illustration for PNW Fattitude


Rachelle Abellar is a kick-ass individual. A few months ago, she organized, compiled, and produced the Self Care Zine I contributed to–currently available for purchase as a PDF download here. Besides being a talented graphic designer and illustrator, she’s a bad-ass blogger who is passionate about intersectional feminism and making a difference in her communities.

She recently founded PNW Fattitude, a fat-positive group/community in the Seattle area. When she contacted me about making some artwork for the poster for their inaugural event–A Plus Size Clothing Swap–I absolutely jumped at the chance!


Rachelle didn’t have many guidelines or restrictions, other than conveying “a fun get-together with a bunch of fat girlfriends”. Um, I’m pretty sure drawing a bunch of diverse, stylish, fat babes is my dream job!

I tried to keep my sketches energetic and bright. I worked in black and white on the first one because I wanted to make sure I was working with a good value scale in mind. I do this because color is often a weakness of mine. I end up fiddling with the colors a lot after I make a drawing! The first sketch is pretty literal, with a big group of all kinds of ladies just hanging out and being happy.  For the second, I was thinking of a slightly retro, midcentury illustration feel with the final styling.


We decided on the first sketch since it was so fun to see all the different kinds of people. Above is my final illustration. The poster design was done by Rachelle and I think it turned out super cute! :)

I had so much fun developing the characters and working on all the details. Here’s a few cropped shots of some of my favorite bits.





If any of you guys are plus size and live around the Seattle area, you should definitely check out the event! It sounds like so much fun and I know Rachelle has been working really hard to host an A+ afternoon.

Facebook | Tumblr | Plus Size Clothing Swap & Meet Up

Happy 2014!


2013 has been a pretty awesome year, guys. Thanks for spending at least a tiny part of it with me. Party hard tonight and have a wonderful 2014! xo

Merry Christmas! xo


I hope you guys are all having a lovely holiday and enjoy some rest and relaxation at the very least! Love you guys! xo

Illustration for ALIVE Magazine’s Handmade Happy Hour

I was approached by the lovely Jess from ALIVE Magazine to collaborate on some artwork for the first Handmade Happy Hour of 2014. Originally a series of handmade markets organized by the equally lovely Lindsay, HHH has joined forces with ALIVE to return bigger and better than ever! I couldn’t be more pleased. :)


I laid out my sketches in the poster template they provided since that would be the largest format the artwork would be printed in. ALIVE wanted to make sure I had a lot of creative freedom and left my options pretty open-ended. Their only guideline was the theme “sweetheart”. I decided to make something I personally felt was really strong and would be a good addition to my portfolio.

For the first sketch, I wanted to focus on creating a surreal environment–something I rarely do in my work since I seem to mostly do portrait compositions. One of my recent goals is to work on making an atmosphere and really tell a story. For the second sketch, I focused on a bright, simple color palette and a cute concept that reinforced the idea of handmade.


Feedback ended up being that they were hoping not to focus too much on a traditional couple because it could never represent the diversity they would like to. I totally respect that and honestly appreciated the challenge. My first instinct is to always draw people, so it was healthy to shake it up a bit.

My third and fourth sketches stuck with simple, striking colors that weren’t too Valentine-y. I thought there was a lot of fun design potential creating all the little icon-like drawings in the third. The fourth feels more like a love letter to St. Louis and really ambiguously represents a couple.


They ended up choosing the fourth sketch and this is the final that I ended up with! I’m really happy with the result and glad to have gotten such a fun assignment. We had a really fast turn-around and it felt good to flex my creative muscles. I’m excited to see it pop up around town on ads, postcards, and posters! :) You can see the first ad in the January issue of ALIVE (available online here)!

The Sweetheart Edition of Handmade Happy Hour is January 31st at The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis! Make sure to come check it out if you’re in the area! ALIVE always knows how to throw a great party. :)

Maren’s Family Portrait

Hi guys! Long time no see! December is a crazy month for all of us, so I’ve had to re-prioritize a bit and focus on work a lot lately. I probably won’t get back in the swing of regular updates until January, but I’ll always post when I have something I want to blog about! :)

Happily, this means I’m going to have a lot of illustration work to share with you guys!

Maren contacted me about making a portrait for her quirky little family to use on her upcoming wedding materials. She wanted something similar to the one I made for Kate and I was excited to make one for her!


Maren gave tons of photo and personality reference and knew exactly what she wanted, so the sketch process was super easy! We just tweaked some colors and were ready for the final!

The more I do illustration work for clients, the more I’m learning to value and invest a lot of time into the sketching process. It can feel frustrating sometimes to work so long and hard on sketches and worry that it doesn’t show because it’s so loose looking, but the more developed a sketch is, the faster and more confidently I can work on the final piece. I struggle with finding the perfect color combinations and do a lot of reference and editing on my finals, but having that sketch to experiment with and nail down my colors and value scale really helps!

I learned a lot about fine-tuning my process and being more confident with my sketches from Kali Ciesemier. I was lucky enough to see her presentations in person, but she gives tons of awesome, valuable, interesting tips on her blog.

Etsy Update!


You guys, I promise The Big Book of Cats isn’t dead. I’m just taking a little break to get my schedule back in order and get back on track. There will be a proper update next week!

In the mean time, I just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I’ve added some new listings to the Etsy shop! New prints, hand-painted brooches, and rings are available, so check ‘em out!






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