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illustration project: i ♥ bloggers

I ♥ Bloggers: Mermaidens

Hi everyone! It’s been far too long since I shared a portrait of one of my favorite bloggers! Today, I present the adorable Kailey from Mermaidens! Her sugar sweetness and pastel dreamy-ness are a perfect way to kick-off Valentine’s week, don’t you think? Everything about…

February 11, 2013
project: i ♥ bloggers

I ♥ Bloggers: Mini Penny

Today’s portrait is Jessie from Mini Penny! I’ve been a huge fan of her blog and sartorial choices for ages and even though I’m new to this whole blogging thing, she’s always been super sweet and supportive of my blog. I appreciate that so…

November 12, 2012
project: i ♥ bloggers

I ♥ Bloggers: ♥elycia

After drawing Kaylah first, Elycia from ♥elycia must come next, right? I feel like they’re a matching set! :) Kaylah and Elycia are BFFs, in case you missed the memo. What an amazing, colorful pair! I love Elycia’s blog because of her spunk, sense of…

October 29, 2012
project: i ♥ bloggers

I ♥ Bloggers: The Dainty Squid

Today I’m starting a new illustration project that I’ve been really excited to start sharing with you! I’ve said before that I consider blogs one of my favorite forms of entertainment–I read so many amazing blogs about fashion, lifestyle, art, interior design–you name it,…

October 15, 2012