OOTD: Still Into You









Shirt, Vest, Shorts: Nordstrom Rack | “Hot Mess” Necklace: August Abroad | Crystal Pendant: Fable & Lore | D’Orsay Flats: Dolce Vita

This ensemble right here is officially my 2014 summer uniform, y’all.

On an especially hot day in July, I went into Nordstrom Rack on a mission. I wanted a light, comfortable outfit I could wear to work that didn’t look totally grungy like my at-home uniform of denim cut-offs and ripped, cropped tanks. I’m lucky that my job is super casual and clothes usually aren’t an issue, but I always end up feeling a little bad if I end up meeting clients or going on a quick photo assignment on a day I decided to be super lazy. I wanted a go-to lazy outfit that felt more put-together.

The heavens parted and a holy light shone down upon these shorts. They feel like pajama bottoms, have pockets, and sport a fun, but relatively neutral pattern. They have an elastic waist that lets me wear them high at my natural waist (my usual choice), or lower on my hips if they feel too short for the situation. The loose, peplum top has such a perfect shape! So flowy, but with a seam across the waist so it doesn’t look too big and shapeless. I love that I can wear it solo if I feel a bit daring and want to show off the back (also if it’s so hot I want as few layers on as possible) or I can throw on a vest or light jacket if I’m at work.

It’s been a little over two weeks since my bike accident and you can see that I’m healing up pretty well! There are still pink, post-scabby spots on my knees and hands and all the dings on my feet, but I’ve definitely come a long way! All the scrapes on my face are healed–thank goodness–and my giant yucky bruises are slowly fading away. I can’t help but look down at my legs and feel a bit nostalgic about scraped up knees in the summertime from when I was a kid. Makes me feel like I’m doing summer right. :) xo

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FF34: All About the Backpacks


1. Vintage Re-Issue Sling by Fossil
2. Nylon Flap Backpack by Dooney & Bourke
3. Karma Backpack by Deux Lux
4. Studio Legacy Backpack by Coach
5. Faux Leather Backpack from Forever21
6. Black Striped Canvas Backpack by BagyBags on Etsy

I feel like backpacks are having a moment right now. Think less camping and more Clueless. That always sounds like pretty solid advice in my opinion, but seriously–I feel like I’m seeing cute little leather bags slung across increasingly more shoulders on my favorite style blogs. I doubt that will change much as fall creeps up and we get more back-to-school nostalgic vibes.

I love that swapping a purse for a backpack can feel a little fun and atypical, but also super practical and inherently non-fussy. No matter how much you shelled out for that hip bag, you’ll always have a certain air of casualty and nonchalance, y’know? Plus it’s super easy to thrift a cute one and try out the trend on the cheap!

I wish I was posting more original content alongside my Friday Faves posts, but between working on longer term freelance projects that I can’t share yet and kind of hunkering down to bust out new inventory for my upcoming fall craft shows, it’s been a little tricky lately. Not to mention I’ve been nursing some ugly wounds from my bike accident and haven’t felt very photogenic. I can pretty much only wear the same beat up pair of open-toe Target flats everyday because the gross bruise on my right foot makes any other pair too uncomfortable. Haha, that definitely throws a wrench in my sartorial forms of expression! :(

Fun times are coming up fast, though! I’d love to share more about reconfiguring my craft show display, Strange Folk is right around the corner(eeeep!), and St. Louis Fashion Week will be here before we know it! Plus at the end of August, Andrew and I are taking a week-long trip to Portland, OR for a friend’s wedding and some general adventuring. Fall is always a busy time and I’m trying to ease into it more this year. Last year was a whirlwind! xo

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post that uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

Meet the STL Craft Mafia


During our last St. Louis Craft Mafia meeting–my first as an official member!–Michelle of Green Wall Studio stopped by to take some classy mug shots for us and they turned out a-ma-zing. Can you tell the mafia has been obsessed with Orange is the New Black? We met at Mad Art Gallery, which is located in an old police station. We got all up in that vintage jail cell!


We came up with “prison names”… haha, I’m so bad at coming up with witty names! I’ll stick to drawing.



We did some small group shots–these are the illustrator/photographer folks! Left to right, skipping me (obviously):
Mary of Unicorgi | Evil Little Girls | Jane of Jane Linders Photography | Jeffrey of Handmade Family


Elizabeth of Just Liv


April of Riley Construction


Courtney of My Vintage Addiction


Courtney of My Vintage Addiction | Stephanie of Ruby Francis Rags | Holly of South City Studio


Renee of Strung Out and Wired (with bad ass tattoos by yours truly ;))


Lauren and Renee of Strung Out and Wired | Kara of Irie’ Elements | Shelah of The Foundrie/August Abroad | Melissa of Villa Design


Melissa of Villa Design


Cristin of Cristin Rae Knitwear


Phil of Belle Journee | Kathleen of Buddha Bath and Body | Alecia of Senora Muertos | Beth of Belle Journee | Kayla of Ghost Cat Studios | Amanda of Sprouted Designs


Not going to try and ID each pretty face here, but shout-outs to all the other members!

 Beqi of Beqi Clothing | Eleanor of Scarlett and Maria | Andrea of Zenbot Design | Mary of Pairabelles | Rachel of Sew Good and Trendy | Suzanne of Suzanne Shenkman Designs | Amy of Stick to Your Knittin’ Kitten

Just a side-note here that ironically just after blogging about how impressed I’ve been with my cycling skills lately, I got into a bike accident on Friday. :( Haha, figures. I’m a mess. It was totally my fault, but I ended up flying over my handlebars and into the street face-first. Not cute. I’ve been laying low and whimpering and hobbling around ever since. I’m okay–just all scratched up and sore. Still ready for my little roadtrip this weekend and looking forward to partying with my favorites girls even more!

FF33: Etsy Love


1. What Would Beyonce Do? Gold Foil Print by Charm & Gumption
2. Cat Face Earrings by The Pink Samurai
3. Wire-wrapped Amethyst Ring by Condensed Star Stuff
4. Blogger Badge of Honor by Stoic and Pariah Handmade
5. Daisy Rag Doll by Riley Construction
6. Retro Doughnut Wooden Sign by Slippin’ Southern
7. Wooden Meadow Flowers by Anna Wiscombe
8. Clueless Fashion Buttons by Butt’n Booty
9. Missy Elliot Votive Candle by Flaming Idols
10. Amethyst Point Pendant by Fable and Lore
11. Gentle Reminders Pencils by Amanda Catherine Designs
12. Personalized Initial Charm Necklace by Villa Designs

Happy Friday, everyone! I’ve really been feelin’ the handmade love lately, so I decided to share some recent Etsy faves today. :)

I’m looking forward to a low-key weekend at home. Next weekend some friends and I are road tripping down to Springfield for a girls’ party trip, so I’m conserving my energy. ;) I might try to wake up in time to hit a few estate sales or go for a bike ride on Saturday. This week I tried a new trail and rode 8 miles–that’s an impressive feat for lazy ol’ me! I’ve never really paid attention to my mileage while riding before, so putting a number on it like “wow, I can ride 8 whole miles!” feels great. I might even try the whole back-and-forth next time. 16 miles! That sounds crazy but I know I can make it! Wish me luck, y’all. I hope you have a lovely weekend yourself. xo

Handmade Happy Hour: Summer in the City

















I had more fun at Friday night’s Handmade Happy Hour than I’ve had at a show in ages! The setting was amazing–a cozy side street downtown with trees, lively patios, lights, and a full stage. The weather was lovely and we had a fabulous, energetic crowd that was bustling all night. My booth neighbors on all sides were some of my very favorite ladies and we all just had a blast. :)

I’m trying to get my ass in gear for the rest of the summer and work on revamping my craft show set-up in time for Strange Folk. I got some free hand-me-down photo display walls and I have some jewelry display DIYs to work on finishing up. I want to expand past the traditional table and explore my retail display options! It’s time for an upgrade.

Photos courtesy ALIVE Magazine 

OOTD: Something Special








Peplum Top: Anthropologie | Jeans: Levi’s | Heels: Target | Necklace: Hello Cheeseburger | Bangles: Kate Spade

When we took a trip to Arizona for Andrew’s step brother’s wedding last month, I took it as a perfect excuse to indulge in a pretty new something to wear to one of the wedding-related events. My dress collection has more than enough options, but who doesn’t love a reason to collect something new?

I hunted wildly for a dress, but just couldn’t find anything I loved that also fit well. Barely anything was catching my eye and what did was either too tight around my hips or awkward around the arms or did that awful boob-smush thing… you know what I mean. I was getting really frustrated and grumpy, but decided to check out the sales rack at Anthropologie–the only way I can afford anything from there–and lo and behold! I found this gorgeous peplum top. The only one, returned, and in my size. An unprecedented turn of events! It wasn’t a dress, but I had to try it and once it was on, I was in love.

Everything about this piece just feels special. The stitching makes the top feel heavy and high-quality and the layers of fabric underneath are stiff and sturdy, holding its dramatic, poofy shape. I feel like a fluffy cupcake and I LOVE IT! It makes me feel very “cute” and that’s my favorite fashion feeling. :) I’ve worn already worn it for multiple special events and it’s perfect.

Sometimes you can be hunting for a specific thing and think you’re being a critical, smart shopper, but when something that you really love and makes you feel great appears, you have to seize the opportunity and change your plans! I’m trying to become a person who makes those shopping decisions more often and fewer “oh this is on sale for really cheap and I like it just fine so I’ll buy it” impulses.

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I own and love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

Help The Foundrie Open Location #2!


If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ve heard me showering The Foundrie with praise. It’s a beautifully curated, local, independent shop that sells handmade and vintage goods–I’m always so proud to say that my work is sold there!


After 5 years in their first storefront at Chesterfield Mall, they recently downsized to a more practical location there and are currently working on opening location #2 in West County Mall! I’m so in love with the idea of this gorgeous little handmade shop in a huge shopping mall in the suburbs, attracting a clientele that might otherwise never think of going to a craft show or to a local boutique in the city.


The owner, Shelah, has been sharing photos on Facebook of herself, her husband, and daughter Stella working hard giving their two new spaces make-overs and fresh new displays with salvaged materials. This shop is such a labor of love and a total gem in our city. When Shelah announced an indiegogo campaign to help with all the costs of opening new doors(computers, fixtures, displays, flooring, signage, insurance, etc), I knew I had to share it with you guys!

The Foundrie is running a flexible funding project on indiegogo, meaning they receive all donations even if they don’t reach their goal, so each dollar you can spare is so so important and will mean so much. Expanding to West County will broaden their reach and customer base and get independently produced goods into the hands of an even greater number of shoppers!


The perks for helping fund the project include the chance to get your name on a one of a kind statement wall in the new location as well as limited edition stickers and t-shirts designed and printed exclusively for The Foundrie by local artists. You can proudly say that you played a part in helping a small, independently owned business grow in hopes of becoming a St. Louis institution that creates jobs and opportunities with the ability to give back and make a difference in our community.

Even if you guys aren’t locals, just take this as a plea to at least support your own local entrepreneurs! A couple weeks ago I asked friends on FB where I could buy button-making supplies. I had been calling Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and all the usual big chain craft stores with no luck. Turns out that buttonmakers.net is local and has a brick and mortar! I stopped in and had the best experience–the owners were SO nice and helped me with all my annoying amateur questions, suggested better solutions and the prices were great! Just goes to show that you never know what kind of hidden gems your city can have! :) xo

Photos courtesy Shelah McClymont/The Foundrie

Drawn: Strange Folk


I was flattered and so happy when Autumn asked me to make the promo artwork for Strange Folk Festival this year! I finished this baby a few months ago but wasn’t sure when the best time to share it would be–also, it’s very horizontal, so I knew sharing it on the blog would be a bit wonky.

Strange Folk’s art theme is usually gnomes, so I knew I had to include some. Autumn said she was hoping for a whimsical foresty theme. When I think of SF I think of tons of activity, music, and happy people so I knew I wanted a lot of energy and thought playing with a bunch of different characters in almost a repeating pattern kind of way would be fun. Also, the illustration has to be flexible and able to work on a wide variety of promo materials–web ads, banners, print ads, and even a billboard(!!!)–so I thought going the pattern route would make sense.


I don’t think I’ve really ever drawn gnomes before, but I liked to think of them as little fat bearded hipster dudes. 8)



I liked the idea of gnomes and animals hanging out and partying together in the woods.


Hehe, these guys are my favorites. I want to go dance with them!


I know I sing its praises often–I’ve shared my experience visiting in 2012 and a video when I vended in 2013–but Strange Folk really is a fantastic event! Autumn is truly a wonder and has been running this shit for years and it’s a well-oiled machine. Two days of 100+ artists, crafters, artisans, food vendors, live music, and kid’s activities and the place is HOPPIN’. The crowd is always huge and enthusiastic and it’s definitely one of my yearly highlights.

Vendor applications are open until July 4th so if you’re an ambitious maker from the midwest, you should definitely think about applying! See you in September! xo