Drawn: Lauren of Daisycakes Creative


My latest portrait commission is for Lauren Dee of Daisycakes Creative! Lauren provides lots of services for her clients including writing, editing, and proofreading. She wanted a portrait that reflected her business and its name.


Lauren was one of those clients who had a pretty clear vision for what she wanted. She loves yellow and blue, chevron patterns, and wanted to make sure to reference her love of books. She also wanted some kind of daisy border or frame. The composition pretty easily built itself!

She really responded to the second sketch with the circle of flowers and suggested a chevron pattern for her shirt. I wanted to make sure the book was a title that reflected her taste and personality–Pride and Prejudice it is! A girl after my own heart. :) I had to play off of Jessica Hische’s cover design because really. So gorgeous.

FF41: Aidy Bryant x Dusen Dusen Home










This week Design*Sponge announced a collaboration between perfect angel baby, Aidy Bryant and Dusen Dusen for their first home collection, debuting Fall 2015. I had hearts in my eyes immediately and want to share this news with the world!

I’m obsessed with Aidy. Not only is she hilarious and charming on SNL every week (I legitimately listened to Back Home Baller at least once daily for two weeks after it came out) but she has adorable personal style. Her instagram is my happy place.

Dusen Dusen is also a big crush of mine. I love their fun color palettes, simple shapes, and whimsical patterns. Everything they make feels so fresh and fun. I often feel such serious, melancholy vibes with high end brands, but Dusen Dusen girls look so carefree. They definitely have an easy-going attitude and a sense of humor. Like, “I care about looking cute, but don’t take fashion so seriously, man!” No pretension.

I’ve mentioned that I’m so into interior design inspiration lately so this pairing is my dream come true. They suit each other so perfectly! Now if only I could afford any of it! Haha.

Photographs by Brian W. Ferry, via Design*Sponge










I’m not necessarily a creature of habit. I enjoy multitasking and dabbling in many different jobs and tasks at once. It keeps me on my toes and engaged. Apparently I’ve been working at my computer too much lately because a switch flipped in me, just needing to get messy with my paints and hands.

I’ve been having fun making some really self-indulgent things and messing with layers and textures. Some of these are still in progress. I hope to have a nice little gallery of original work for sale at Green With Indie next Saturday (YIKES!)

I mostly use acrylics on canvas because I always have them handy. I like the flexibility of acrylic. I can use thick layers of paint and smear and blur or I can use thinner coats and let them dry quickly so I can go color crazy without getting muddy. It’s a great paint when I’m craving some instant gratification and just want to churn out a finished product.

New Hair





Ta-da! I’ve had basically the same hair style for like 6 years now. I have no idea how that happened. I used to switch it up more often in college, but you know how it goes. I feel like every girl goes through a “I want long princess mermaid hair!” phase. My last one just lasted a bit longer than I expected.

I asked the crazy talented Kristen Linares to give me a shorter, light, fluffy cut with a light pink, ombre kind of thing. I tried to go in with a vague idea so Kirsten could just do her magic. I looove the end result! I can stop playing with it! :)

Drawn: Lauren & Jeremy


Lauren was one of the first bloggers I really fell in love with and I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with her a few times. We bond over our mutual love of good food, good drinks, cats, and handmade stuff. She’s fantastic.

I was so excited when she asked me to draw a portrait of her and her lovely boyfriend, Jeremy (plus her perfect kitties) for Valentine’s Day!


I wanted to have fun with lots of bright colors and incorporate little details personal to them. Lauren makes amazing pom-pom headbands, so I had to include one of those! The banner has a latin phrase that’s meaningful to the two of them and her yarn brooch was another requested personal touch. I’m really happy with the final product and think I managed to capture them well–the best test for a portrait!

Drizly: Booze Delivered to Your Front Door!


Today I’m super excited to share my experience with a new alcohol delivery service, Drizly! I’ll be honest, every time I say their name, I kind of laugh and think about Gryzzl–Parks and Rec, anyone? 

Drizly is an app and website that delivers beer, wine, and liquor straight to your door! Now the most important things in life are available for home delivery: pizza, movies, and booze. When it’s this cold and miserable outside, why ever leave?

Drizly delivers from one of my favorite local businesses: Randall’s Wines and Spirits, so I know I’ll always have access to the best selection at a great price.


My favorite part of Drizly is how well-designed the app and website are! It’s SO easy to use and find exactly what you’re looking for. You choose what kind of alcohol you’re looking for and each category is alphabetically ordered with prices and images. It’s so perfect for that situation when you’re like “Man, I really want that bottle of whiskey we tried the other night but I don’t remember the name, just what the bottle looks like.”

My only criticism of Drizly is that they aren’t super clear on what their delivery hours are. I was told their hours would match Randall’s store hours, but they don’t clearly confirm or deny that on the site or app–at least not that I could find. Our original plan was to order my mom’s favorite liqueur while they were over for dinner on a Sunday evening, but I wasn’t informed until after I tried to add the item to my cart that delivery ended at 1pm. I had been planning according to Randall’s closing time, which is 6pm on Sundays. It was a bummer!



Andrew and I ended up treating ourselves during a Valentine’s evening in. I ordered a bottle of Disaronno for me and Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon for Andrew. Perfect to keep our cozy vibe going at home without leaving to brave the cold!

Delivery clocked in right at 40 minutes, just as they said and we got a text notification 15 minutes before they arrived. Perfect!



Andrew’s our resident aspiring bartender. He loves experimenting with mixing drinks at home and collecting new toys and treats for our bar. I gave him full creative control here and let him throw together a little cocktail to enjoy and share!

The Double Sunday
3 ounces Disaronno (or other Amaretto liqueur)
1 1/2 ounces Bourbon
1/2 ounce grenadine
1/2 ounce apple pucker
simple syrup to taste


We had a great experience with Drizly and can’t wait to try them out again. I think alcohol delivery would be perfect for hosting any kind of party or dinner–you have so much work to do around the house already with cleaning, cooking, etc. For the booze to just show up for you is so great! Plus, I’m sure it would be a big crowd pleaser if you already had folks over. :)



Drizly has offered a FREE delivery for my St. Louis readers! Use the code “FreeSTL” at checkout to cancel your $5 delivery charge.

Not an STL native? Drizly may also be available in your city! They’re currently delivering in 11 cities in the US including Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Indianapolis, Seattle, NYC, LA, and more! Check out a complete listing of cities here!


Happy drinking! xo

*This post was sponsored by Drizly, but the opinions shared are entirely my own and based on my personal experience.

OOTD: Are We Out of the Woods Yet?





020715_03Hat: H&M | Kimono: Victrola Designs | Denim Cut-Off Shorts, Pleated Top, Necklace: Thrifted
Ring: Beqi | Boots: ShoeMint

We enjoyed a reprieve from the super cold winter temperatures over the weekend, so I shed those extra layers and channeled my inner teen witch.

 With my dark lipstick and hat, I must admit I was also feeling a Taylor Swift vibe–remember the Red cover? Haha, I am so into TSwift lately. I was a hater back when she was a slut-shaming, sappy teenager with a country twang, but I’ve totally fallen for her lady-loving pop rebirth. She’s always been a talented songwriter and I feel like she’s growing up really well. I can’t deny how cute and fun she seems. Plus, 1989 is SUCH a good album. I just want to hang out with her girl gang, bake cookies and compare cat photos while dancing in her kitchen.

FF40: Wish I Was Wearing



1. Jeffrey Campbell Cut-Out Booties // 2. Ashlyn Fluffy Knit Skirt + Shirt
3. Rebecca Minkoff Amorous Satchel // 4. Denim Pencil Skirt // 5. Madewell Bucket Bag
6. Lazy Oaf Oversized Shirt // 7. Miu Miu Patent Leather Slippers
8. Wildfox Oversized Sweatshirt // 9. Lazy Oaf Oversized Cropped Sweatshirt
10. Hue Fleece Lined Leggings // 11. Nishe Skater Dress // 12. Plastic Cat Eye Sunglasses

I’ve been trying to utilize my Pinterest more lately. It’s a fun tool, but I often just forget about it. There’s a lot of content to wade through! Since I’ve been so into interior design inspiration, Pinterest has become more practical. I started a “Wish I Was Wearing” board last week and enjoy pinning new favorites every few days. Seeing them all laid out together looks so pretty and gives me a clearer image of where my tastes are, too!

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Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

Food Photography [pt. 1]

mission-taco-st-louis-1Mission Taco Joint

My day job is at a local culinary magazine and one of the reasons I enjoy designing for magazines is that I get to wear a lot of different hats. We’re a small team in-house, so I handle all the ads, design contracts, event branding and signage, help manage events, and dabble in photography.

central-table-1Central Table Food Hall

I started taking photos when I got my DSLR just out of practicality. We’re a small, indie business and we can’t afford to hire freelance photographers to join our editorial staff whenever they go check out new restaurants. Our editors used to just snap a few tragically blurry iPhone photos and we’d call it a “sneak peek”. Not cute! I’ve managed to carve a little niche for myself where I get to tag along and take higher quality photos, mostly for online content, but I’ve snuck a few into the print publication.

the-libertine-1The Libertine

seoul-q-taco-1Seoul Q

I’ve never considered myself a photographer–I have enough professional creative goals! But it has become a fun hobby and I enjoy seeing my progress as I look through the photos I’ve taken. I got a 50 mm lens for Christmas and I’m really excited to learn more about working in manual and just become a better photographer in general. :)

baiku-sushi-1Baiku Sushi Lounge

seedz-cafe-1Seedz Cafe

I’ve thought about sharing some of my work-related food photos on the blog before, but was always a little wary about mixing my day job with my private life. I don’t want to step on any toes or share too many opinions that might come back to haunt me! Haha, but everyone likes looking at pretty, delicious food, right? Eating great food and visiting fabulous restaurants is such a passion of mine, I’ve decided to just start sharing!

urban-chestnut-1Urban Chestnut Bierhall

old-bakery-beer-1Old Bakery Beer Co.

This also serves as a great little list of awesome places to eat and drink if you’re visiting St. Louis! Or if you’re a local! I feel like it’s easy to get stuck in ruts of visiting the same places often and it’s certainly tricky to stay up-to-date with all the cool new places. We’re lucky to have an awesome food scene here so there’s always somewhere new and exciting to try!

jillys-ice-cream-cupcakes-1Jilly’s Ice Cream Bar

zydeco-blues-1Zydeco Blues

OOTD: Vogue





Chambray button-up: Thrifted | Leopard print sweater dress: Old Navy | Moon Ring ℅ Lizabettas via 9th & Elm | Necklace: Hello CheeseburgerFlats ℅ Vogue Footwear

The fine folks of Vogue Footwear generously offered me a pair of beautiful Lady Is A Vamp flats so I could share them in action with you guys. I shared those and some of my other Vogue favorites a last week.

My interaction with Vogue as a company has been spectacular. It was great to first meet them in person at a local blogging event and see how lovely their shoes are up close. The materials, styles, and slick packaging all left a great impression on me. These flats aren’t as basic as some cheaper brands–there’s some supportive cushion underneath your feet rather than a flat, uncomfortable sole. The bottoms also have some texture so you’re not slipping around on slick surfaces. I love the luxurious, velvety fabric on this pair! I love a fancy flat as an alternative to a heel and details like these definitely make them feel special.

The first pair I was sent didn’t fit–I unfortunately tend to ride the line between US size 10 and 11. So head’s up that you may want to size up on this style if you’re like me! The Vogue representative was very sweet and understanding and suggested I just stop by their local offices to pick up my replacement pair! It was cool to see their headquarters in person and get my new pair(which fit perfectly, by the way) straight from Danielle herself–the face behind our emails! Haha, that never happens. :)

Disclaimer: This is the second of two blog posts in collaboration with Vogue Footwear. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience.