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Prescott, Arizona
















This weekend we flew down to Arizona for Andrew’s step-brother’s wedding at his fiancee’s grandparents’ ranch just outside of Prescott. We stayed in town at a cute little historic hotel and had four fabulous days walking around town, resting, learning about cacti, and searching for desert creatures. We also ate In-And-Out Burger (Twice!!!), watched Orange is the New Black, hung out with family at wedding-related events, and hunted for local whiskey–unfortunately to little avail. We’re really spoiled with a great spirits scene in Missouri, aren’t we? I’m learning this!


On Friday, Amanda from Little Lady Little City drove up from Phoenix to visit! I was so excited and happy that we were able to make it work and meet each other! Amanda is adorable and so sweet, funny, and fun to hang out with. We had lunch at an amazing carnival food-inspired hole in the wall called Devil’s Pantry and perused some thrift stores. I adore her and wish St. Louis crossed her path more often! <3

OOTD: Rule Breaker








Skirt: Vintage | Heels: Target | Vintage Clutch: Parsimonia | Necklace: H&M | Earrings: Creature Type

I broke one of my cardinal rules of thrifting last week.

It had been a while since I hit the racks at some secondhand shops and I’ve been on the hunt for a few specific items, so I snuck in a trip after work. My favorite two places have closed–one was chased out by the neighborhood association and the other was bulldozed for a new Wal-Mart. How heartbreaking is that?! I bitterly headed to a Goodwill that’s never very great and just as I was about to head out in a disappointed funk I spotted a gorgeous vintage dress just sitting there on a round rack.

If you frequent Goodwills, you know that real vintage is a pretty rare find nowadays. This black dress had the perfect fit-and-flare silhouette I just die over, so I broke my ultimate rule of never buying something that doesn’t fit. It’s about two sizes too small, realistically, but! I can fold the top down and wear it as a lovely, full skirt, which is exactly what I’m doing with this outfit. It’s a little sacrilegious to not wear it in its full glory, but I just couldn’t leave it!

Maybe the dress saw some snazzy cocktail parties during its lifetime, but it gets a slightly edgier remix with me now. :) xo

Drawn: Thirsty Thursday

Last week I was officially invited to join the STL Craft Mafia! The Craft Mafia is an organization of indie crafters and craftepreneurs who work together to support local artists and facilitate awesome local events. If you’re involved in the handmade STL community at all, you know the Craft Mafia as the coolest of the cool kids and I’m super honored to be included! :) 

A month or two ago, April emailed to ask if I’d be interested in making an illustration for the Craft Mafia to use for their Thirsty Thursday pop-up market at Urban Chestnut in August. I was hoping for a drawing of a girl with tattoos wearing sort of bavarian beer-wench clothes and with flowers and a crown of braids and holding a mug or stein of beer.” Umm, you came to right place, girl! Yes, of course I want to draw that!


My first instincts were to parody a St. Pauli girl or maybe make some art nouveau inspired piece. April and I both loved the art nouveau direction.


I think the final turned out really fun. I had a blast drawing all the details–tattoos, art nouveau frames, flowers… such a fun project! Here are a couple detail shots:



Cats and cat-eye glasses are a must in my opinion! ;)

FF31: Little White Dress


They say that one of the most basic fashion staples is the ubiquitous Little Black Dress, but I much prefer the Little White Dress. Nothing stops me in my tracks quite like a flash of cream lace and tulle from a clothing rack. I revert to little girl glee–it’s just so prettyyyy!


Some blogger favorites: Keiko Lynn, Mini Penny, Style Cassentials, Miss Pandora

My favorite white dresses are short and floaty, super feminine, and a little bohemian. When I first came home with the Free People dress(in white, though, obviously) that I wore to fashion week, Andrew turned his nose up a bit and was surprised I even liked it. He thought it was a little more hippy-dippy than my usual style, but clearly he underestimates the LWD love.


1. Victor Victorian Dress | Free People
2. High Neck Trapeze Dress | Forever 21
3. Lace Swing Dress | John Zack via ASOS
4. Textured Sheer Smock Dress | ASOS
5. Showered with Love Dress | ModCloth
6. Bermeja Tunic Dress |Anthropologie
7. Tiered Crinkle Chiffon Smock Dress | Topshop
8. ONE Angel Lace Dress | Free People

Andrew and I are heading to Arizona next week for a wedding and I’ve been aggressively shopping for a nice new dress to wear to one of the various wedding related events. Y’all, it has been FRUSTRATING. I haven’t been finding much I’m interested in and when I have, nothing has been fitting quite right. It’s one of those situations where I don’t really need something new, but it’s a great excuse to splurge a bit, so I don’t want to waste the money on something that I don’t LOVE because it defeats the whole purpose. Honestly, the hardest part has been avoiding my beloved LWDs! I don’t want to be the chick who walks into a wedding wearing white unless I’m certain the bride and her family don’t judge that kind of thing. Not here for that potential drama.

Wish me luck on my dress hunt! Apparently I need it, although I’d rather just buy one of these little pretties and call it a day! xo

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

OOTD: Senshi




Denim Vest: Thrifted | Sailor Moon Patch: Rachelle Abellar | Crop Top ℅ Shirt Kong | Skirt: Rodarte for Target | Bag: Kate Spade | Boots: Rampage | Necklace: H&M | Headband: F21

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope all my U.S. babes enjoyed a fun and relaxing long weekend. I definitely needed it! I spent my days walking my dog around Forest Park, eating homemade sushi with Andrew, giving our garden some much needed attention, attending the craftiest prom party ever, and catching up with lovely friends at not one, but TWO brunches. A two brunch weekend is a good weekend in my book.

I’ve been rocking my girly/nerdy denim vest a lot lately. I can’t seem to put together an outfit that feels really complete without an extra layer of some sort, so it’s the perfect finishing touch of maximalism. Minimalism be damned! ;) I love tacking on every Sailor Moon, junk food, or feminism related piece of kitsch I own and switching up the decorations.

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I own and love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

New in the Shop: Hairbows!




You guys. I am SO excited to finally share this fabulous collaboration between Creature Type and Bowbotics!

My friend Stephanie makes the best hair bows I’ve ever seen. I’ve been admiring her adorable bows for as long as I’ve known her and her little handmade biz. She always picks well-designed fabrics and just makes the prettiest, most structured shapes and sizes. I’ve been enthusiastically buying them since she debuted last year!

I’ve always wanted to sell bows–I mean, hello? Duh!–but I’m a big believer in being smart and collaborating with other artists/craftsman when your own skills are lacking. Trying to perfect my own bow making craft would be a big time and product investment for me–why not just go straight to the person who makes them the best and make it a great collaboration for the both of us? I designed and bought the fabric, then she assembled the bows and we’re both going to sell them in our shops.

I’m really thrilled with how they turned out and definitely hope to design many more patterns in the future. Creature Type x Bowbotics is a match made in heaven!

Each bow measures 4 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches on a partially lined alligator clip. Each one is handmade, so the pattern varies and no two are exactly alike! This is a limited edition collaboration, so buy yours here before they’re all gone–or I just decide to keep them all because I am OBSESSED!

A Portrait for Kimmie

A while back, Kimmie contacted me about working with her on an updated portrait for her blog header. If you’ve never read That Girl in the Wheelchair, I highly recommend it! Kimmie is such a fun, funny, spunky lady and I really enjoy reading her thoughts and opinions about lifestyle topics and her nerdy passions. :) I was totally psyched to draw a portrait for such a bad ass chick.


I wanted to make something bright and simple that communicated Kimmie’s personality but would be easy to integrate into her existing layout and color scheme. She could just slap her blog title on it however she wanted but it could also be flexible enough to use on a bio page or as her social media avatars.

She liked the composition of the second sketch better, but wanted to see more fun patterns like the first sketch. I mentioned in that one that I was trying to subtlely reference a wheelchair, but in true Kimmie fashion, she was like “Screw subtlety! How about an all-over pattern with cute little wheelchairs?” I love it!


This is the final we ended up with and I think it ended up perfect for her! It looks great in action on her blog and I’m glad to contribute a little bit to Kimmie’s awesomeness. :)

FF31: D’Orsay Flats



1. In Love Jelly d’Orsay Flats | Jeffrey Campbell
2. Dolley Mint d’Orsay Pointed Flats | LuLu’s
3. Kayla d’Orsay Flats | Halogen
4. Hilary Heart d’Orsay Flats | alice + olivia
5. Gavana d’Orsay Flats | Kate Spade
6. Arty Party Flats | Poetic License via ModCloth
7. Devon d’Orsay Flats | Phillip Lim
8. Hilary d’Orsay Flats | alice + olivia

I’m no special snowflake–like a large chunk of the fashion world, I’m really into the d’Orsay shoe wear trend right now. The heels are pretty, but I’m especially charmed by the flats. I feel like that’s really representative of my style in general. Heels are fantastic and sexy, but I usually opt for looking “cute” rather than “sexy” and flats often make that style separation for me.

I read someone describe d’Orsays as bikinis for your feet and think that’s an adorable comparison! Haha, also really interesting to think about how it could be related to the crop top trend? Whatever it is, I dig it. Crop everything forever.

One of my old standby pairs of flats died of old age this year so I let myself go to Nordstrom Rack to pick out a replacement pair. I ended up agonizing over a pile of d’Orsay flats, trying to pick the perfect ones! I bought a neutral black/tan pair with an ankle strap (very similar to these) and have been pretty surprised at how polarizing they seem to be. They seem like such a safe choice to me (not that I totally understand what average people think is “safe” fashion haha), but people have not been shy about telling me that they do not like my shoes. I overheard a lady say “I hate her shoes” as I walked past her table after brunch one day. Haha, so weird! I didn’t think these guys looked weird enough to inspire such passionate dislike.

Disclaimer: This post uses affiliate links to some specifically pictured items that I love. Clicking on or purchasing via an affiliate link may result in commissions for this site.

Sunday Funday at Urban Chestnut






















Yesterday I was a vendor at St. Louis Craft Mafia‘s Sunday Funday at Urban Chestnut Brewery. We had beyond perfect weather and it was fabulous to hang out in Urban Chestnut’s beer garden all afternoon! Markets there are always a blast. I managed to avoid getting sunburnt, so that alone was a pretty big success. ;)


Kiana even stopped by and we finally got to meet in person! She’s so sweet and a crazy talented artist. I drew this Girl Gang picture years ago and Jeffrey pointed out that one of the girls looks just like Kiana so I had to give her a print as a gift! Haha, it’s destiny.



Next Saturday I’ll be at Spring Fling in Crown Square from 10am-4pm! It’s the second year for this wonderful show in Old North St. Louis. I had a great time last year–although I didn’t manage to avoid sunburn that day. Yikes, it sucked. I’m upping my game and bringing a tent this time. ;)

If vintage is your thing, you can’t miss this show! 50+ vendors will be selling vintage clothing, accessories and home decor, plus handmade goods, of course. There will also be a doughnut truck and an ’80s video game lounge with Mario Bros games projected onto a big screen inside The Firecracker Press‘s new space. Um, yeah, it’ll be awesome.

Spring 2014.


Hello, dolls! I hope you’re all doing well on this April finale day. :) I don’t often write wordy, life-centric posts–mostly because I’m not much of a wordsmith and I doubt it would be very interesting, but I thought a little catch-up would be nice. I try to remind myself that my favorite posts from other bloggers are often personal ones where I get to know them better, so although I might not personally think my day-to-day is very thrilling, I don’t want to seem aloof and distant either.

Life is good lately, y’all. After that awful, never-ending winter, I’m really trying to make a conscious effort to stop and smell the roses–literally–and appreciate every second of springtime. I’m trying to teach myself to be a gardener this year. Now that we’re homeowners with a lovely little yard, I want to make sure I take good care of it and continue planting some green, leafy goodness. I’m trying to grow sunflowers to line up along our back fence. Everyday I glance nervously at the pots in our sunroom, hoping to see some successful seedlings. I’m thinking about getting a butterfly bush or two for the backyard, too. Wish me luck!


Besides digging in the dirt, I’ve been going on walks and riding my bike as often as possible. I’m so so happy to be living in a neighborhood where I can really enjoy those kinds of things. I wanted to love downtown living, but St. Louis’s downtown can be a bit of a ghost town. Our new ‘hood still feels urban and close to the action, but cozy and just far enough off the beaten path. I love it. :)


April 27 was my 27th birthday(!!!!) so last weekend was full of celebrations. One of my biggest insecurities is worrying that secretly no one really likes me very much, so planning birthday celebrations for myself always makes me nervous. I don’t want tons of attention or a big blow-out or anything, but I’m always afraid I’ll end up sad and alone on my birthday. Haha, it’s very silly because I have such wonderful friends and family who always pull through. :)

Friday was full of fashion week fun and on Saturday I had a night out with some of my favorite ladies! Sammie and I started the night with a stroll to our neighborhood Mexican restaurant for margs and tacos(Yes, we have a neighborhood Mexican restaurant within walking distance. If you live in the midwest, you know how rare and fantastic that is!) We met some other friends in The Grove for delicious, tropical drinks at STL’s new(ish) tiki bar, then went to Attitudes for more drinking and dancing! As a side note–I didn’t start drinking OR dancing until I was around 23 years old and I’m so happy that I’ve learned to let go and enjoy myself more! I was never morally against either of those things, just terrified to show that much vulnerably in public or even with my close friends. I’m sure it sounds silly to a lot of people who partied hard when they were much younger, but it really makes me proud of myself that I can be more confident and comfortable with myself now and just have so much FUN.


On my actual birthday, Andrew and I slept in, got brunch at one of my favorite places, and went to the zoo. The STL Zoo is free, so it really feels like a beautiful park that just has the bonus of awesome animals everywhere. It’s one of my very favorite places, so walking around in 70 degree weather with a big ice cream cone was heaven! When we got back home, Andrew surprised me with Frozen and pizza! Best day ever, right?! I hadn’t seen Frozen yet–I know, who the heck even am I?–but we really enjoyed it! I love Idina Menzel and angsty, bad-ass fictional ladies, so I adored Elsa. I just wish she had more screen time!


I’m selling at craft shows for the next two weekends and then we head off to Chicago for Acen! I’m beyond thrilled and so ready for the escape! I know my friends are, too, so it will be a truly epic party weekend. ;)

If you’re local, please come visit me at Urban Chestnut this Sunday or next Saturday at Spring Fling! If you’re a vintage enthusiast, you really can’t miss Spring Fling! xo


Old Red Boots
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